The Rocky Mountains

Sunrise at Moraine Lake!

The Rockies

For the longest time I have been trying to go back to visit the mountain range between British Columbia and Alberta.  The first time around I wasn’t able to take advantage of my trip across the mountains and this past week or so was my chance in doing so.  On my way to Ontario I had the opportunity to stop at places like Joffre Lakes, Jasper, Banff and below is a quick description on how everything went down.

Just before Whistler there’s the Brandywine waterfalls and the view was so amazing as you can see below.  There’s a small view point and if you are lucky there’s a little area to the right of the view point which is better for a landscape shot as the one below.

While in Whistler we decided to do a quick walk around the village itself and was surprised to find the river having a silver color and not the green/blue that I was expecting, nonetheless this Fitzsimmons Creek was just amazing if you also add the graffiti on one of the pillars of a bridge.

Just before our Airbnb place we stayed for the night, there was this place at Green Lake that you can’t miss not only for the lake you see as you approach a turn on the road but because of the mountain range you can start seeing on this beautiful place.

Prior to stopping at Nairn Falls on the Sea-to-Sky Hwy there’s this little turn that if you aren’t paying attention you will miss this amazing view.

Nairn Falls and the river that it feeds.

On our first spot we stayed for the night was as mentioned above just across from it there’s this awesome soccer field which gave you to the below image.  We were lucky enough to end up at the right place and at the right time for sunset.

Pemberton Highschool Field Park

The next morning we got up early to visit Joffre Lakes and it was a challenging hike for people who aren’t used to hiking a lot (yep, that’s me!).  Here you will encounter three lakes, starting with the small one (below) to the medium one and finally the one at the very top with an amazing view as you will see shortly.

Lower Joffre Lake

During the hike…

Middle Joffre Lake

Little creek as you traverse a little wooden bridge while proceeding to the big and final lake

Middle Joffre Lake still…on the other side of the creek.

Just past the middle lake, there’s this angelic waterfall…

And just prior to the main view of the big lake…another waterfall.

The beginning view of the main lake…

Upper Lake

Coming back from the hike and on our way to our Airbnb was this view in our face while driving.

Next is this little lake on our way to Jasper, AB and this river…

Mount Robson is located just before Jasper and what a view from Mt. Robson Visitor Center.

Lac Beauvert is a lake located in Jasper overlooking the Grisette Mountain range.

Here on the other side NNW of Jasper is Pyramid Lake, great place for Star gazing if you get a chance (didn’t get a chance to do so here).

Medicine lake is another amazing lake, unfortunately though back in 2015 a lightning caused a major wild fire that destroyed a lot of the forest and although it is hard to see in the following image, the trees were all burnt out.  Luckily, despite of the burnt forest this view is still just amazing and can hardly tell there was a fire in this region.

Can’t have too many waterfalls, here is another one called Athabasca Falls

…here is yet another one, this one is called Sunwapta Falls.

Heading down to Athabasca Glaciers are a few great views not to mention the great glacier itself, there are signs that says how far down the glacier used to be.  Back in 1902 I believe it says, the glacier was right where the highway is right now.

On our way to Peyto Lake view point was this nice reflection on a lake

…and for the view of Peyto Lake.

Once again, our travels takes us to Moraine Lake and Lake Lousie but not before hitting Bow Lake overlooking Mt. Thompson mountain range.

Took the opportunity to take the Gondola in Banff and was lucky enough to capture this Mountain Goat…

…also this little guy.

Finally we get down to the last two images of our trip before leaving the mountains of BC and AB enroute to Ontario.  We woke up early in the morning once again to drive up to an hour north from where we were staying in Canmore, by the time we got there the sun was already hitting the mountains but was lucky to still capture the captivating view as seen below of Moraine Lake.  If you look closely, you can make out the moon just above the mountain peaks.

Sunrise at Moraine Lake!

Last but not least is Lake Louise, just after sunrise as we rushed from Moraine lake here to take this shot.


Thank you taking the time to read and see my pictures, as always if there is a shot that you want for printing please contact me for price and full resolution of it.  You can follow me on Instagram for images not displayed in here or for future posts as I continue to shoot with my Nikon D500.

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