My Whale Watching Experience (15 Jul 18)

If you look closer, you can see Vancouver!

As our time in Vancouver Island comes to an end for the time being, we decided to head on whale watching adventure.  This time however, using the Ocean EcoVentures Whale Watching located, you guessed it, in Cowichan Bay.  First and for most, we would like to thank Gary and his crew for the amazing experience we all had during this trip.

Although it was not the first whale watching tour we’ve had, it was one of the best ones thus far.  I strongly recommend them to anyone who would like to have the opportunity to see this beautiful sea creatures and of course to try your luck at a shot of Mt. Baker in the foreground of all your images.

Mt. Baker!

The starting point of our tour began with a view of Mt. Baker as headed up to the first sightings of Orcas.  From here on, it just gets better!

Baby Orca having fun!

This was one of two pods of Orcas we encountered during our tour, it didn’t take long before this little one started having fun as if wanting to let us know he’s around.

First pod of Orcas!

Here you can see the family of four.


I’m not really sure what’s the name of this place but you can’t miss it as we continued transiting during our tour.

Second pod of Orcas!

This is the second pod of Orcas with Vancouver in the background.

Mt. Baker!

If there’s a mountain that I am so fascinated that you can see from the Island is this one, Mt. Baker located in Washington State and I can’t stop using it as a backdrop if the opportunity is given.

More Orcas!

Can’t stop admiring this species.  Gary from Ocean EcoVentures Whale Watching and his crew have a way of determining which orca is which by means of their fins and tales.  I honestly forgot their names as I was a bad student and wasn’t writing anything but believe me, they have names!

One of many of my favorites!

For some strange reason I am drawn to mountains and couldn’t resist in displaying them as a backdrop rather than just zooming in to the Orcas.

If you look closer, you can see Vancouver!

If you never had a chance to visit Vancouver, BC.  Then you just had a glimpse of it as it appears in the background of the image above.


Our first sighting of an Humpback Whale.  Again, just like the Orcas, these majestic sea creatures have names, I just wasn’t writing them down.  Sea creatures are unpredictable and you just have to be ready for them at any given time.  I wasn’t able to frame it properly with Mt. Baker in the background but just…almost!

One of two humpbacks!

This was one of two humpbacks we saw, I can’t recall the name of this one but as you will see later on there is a distinction between these two.  This one has white spots on the pointy end of its tale, where as the other one doesn’t.

Different angle!

The same humpback but in a different angle, I kept missing its sister but the next image is totally amazing…

Its sister!

Couldn’t get her sister on time but managed to capture this beauty of a shot.  Love the spray and Mt. Baker in the background.  As you can see from this image, this humback’s tale doesn’t have white marks like her sister.

First pod?

As we started to head back to our starting point, we spotted the first orcas.  According to our tour guides, just prior to this image being taken, these orcas just finished having a meal based on their behaviors and the fact that seagulls where enjoying their crumbs.

Bald Eagle!

I’m almost done, I promise, but first this eagle wasn’t scared of us as we approached this spot.  Love the contrast of blue and the perfect ‘almost-sunset’ lighting.

And for the finally, not a sea creature, not a bird but a ….

Sunset at Cowichan Bay!

… Sunset!


Once again, thanks to Ocean EcoVentures Whale Watching and its crew for their hard work and knowledge of these beautiful creatures.

I will make these images here available for download upon request.  Their quality will be at 50% only and will be stamped, you are not permitted to post them on any social media without permission.

You can Contact me for requesting a download version of the images in here or send me a DM on my https://www.instagram.com/apertureperception/


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