My trip North of Vancouver Island

Bald Eagle

I’ll start with an image from Google Maps where it shows the different places my wife and I have visited in the last 5 years.  The stars represent the scenic places we’ve been and as you can see from the image; the northern part of Vancouver Island was not visited at all (until this week).  Part of the reason for not having done so was due to the amount of time it requires to not only to drive there but also the time you will need to hike up some of those trails.


We’ve decided to make it an adventure this March Break since I was on a well-deserved mid-term break from learning Le Français.  Our original plan was to visit Port Hardy and then head West toward San Josef Bay at Cape Scott Provincial Park before heading back home.  Since it was not camping season yet, we thought we wouldn’t find a place to camp out, but we were fortunate enough to find campsites/resorts that allowed us to do so without any issues.

Scotia Bay Resort

Our first campground was Scotia Bay Resort just north of Port Hardy about 5 minutes give or take.  The image above was our view, my intention was to also photograph the Milky Way or the Aurora Borealis, but each time night came upon us it became cloudy thereby diminishing our chances to do so.  As an aspiring photographer I know that you will never get what you wish for all the time.  So, we spent the night there and packed our things and started our way to the West side.


In case you are asking yourselves “what about wildlife like Bears or Wolves?”, believe me, that kept running through our heads during our long two hours drive on this lonely logging road.  As I mentioned earlier, we were supposed to head to San Josef Bay (San Joe) but at the fork where we had the option to go right towards it or left towards Grant Bay (which is not shown on Google Maps) we decided to head there first.

Grant Bay (reflections)

Grant Bay (above), the sky at the beginning of the night was amazing, starry and almost no clouds, until 10pm arrived and with that the end of this amazing cleared skies.  Clouds came in and ruined my anticipated shots of the Northern Lights and the Milky Way.  After not sleeping well enough, yes worrying about wild animals or being taken away by the crazy waves, we decided to not go to San Joe due to the current weather situation and our heavy gears.

Telegraph Cove

On our way down from the “North”, we made a stop at Telegraph Cove which is a small town that we wanted to visit prior to stopping at Brown’s Bay Resort.  We came across the jackpot of all Bald Eagles, lost count at about 80 of them.  I was not able to get the golden shot due to a private and restricted road that prevented me from getting out of the car, but we were delighted to at least having seen them.

Brown's Bay Marina


Finally, our last place we wanted to stop and visit for two reasons, one for the ability to be right by the crossing point of Orcas and second because we needed a place to clean ourselves after spending a few days in the wilderness.  Below are some of the shots from the resort and its wildlife/marine life.


For a few more images from this trip please visit My trip to the Northern part of Vancouver Island.

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