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Sunrise at Moraine Lake!

The Rocky Mountains

The Rockies For the longest time I have been trying to go back to visit the mountain range between British Columbia and Alberta.  The first time around I wasn’t able to take advantage of my trip across the mountains and this past week or so was my chance in doing so.  On my way to Ontario I had the opportunity to stop at places like Joffre Lakes, Jasper, Banff and below is a quick description on how everything went down. […]

If you look closer, you can see Vancouver!

My Whale Watching Experience (15 Jul 18)

As our time in Vancouver Island comes to an end for the time being, we decided to head on whale watching adventure.  This time however, using the Ocean EcoVentures Whale Watching located, you guessed it, in Cowichan Bay.  First and for most, we would like to thank Gary and his crew for the amazing experience we all had during this trip. Although it was not the first whale watching tour we’ve had, it was one of the best ones thus […]