Passing Storm over Martinique Beach
While waiting for a sunset, a storm was passing by this beach which made this shot spectacular. Martinique Beach is located in Nova Scotia.
Cinnamon Bear
The cinnamon bear is a subspecies of the American Black Bear. It's only big difference is its color. This one was taken in Gatineau, Quebec.
Lonely Fall Tree
There's nothing more beautiful than fall colors. There's nothing more amazing than a lonely tree waiting for someone to keep him company.
Serene Sunset
Love how the sunset blankets the entire scene in a much calm and warm kind of way. Makes you want to just relax and nap while the sun goes down.
Lac Beauvert
Love this composition, it has so much details in one single shot. This was a 30 seconds long-exposure to try to get as much detail of the rocks at the bottom and it turned out amazing!
Medicine Lake
I'm beginning to think that long-exposure shots are my favorites shots to take. This was another 30 seconds exposure prior to leaving Jasper, Alberta as we continued our journey across Canada.
Humpback Whale with Mount Baker
Unfortunately I was not able to display the two humpbacks that were putting on a slight show for us right in front of Mt. Baker. The one thing I did get however was the spray of the first whale that dove first.
Crystal Christmas Tree
Playing around with a Crystal ball is always fascinating, you never know what you might come up with.


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Each image is unique in its own way, some shots were thought of ahead of time and others were done on the spot.  When it comes to photography everything is unexpected, the weather and climate changes in the blink of an eye and just when you thought you had the perfect image, something in the foreground or background had already changed.

Patience is the life of a photographer, we are always looking for a way to be creative, to view the outside world through the lens of a camera.  Just because the environment we’re in doesn’t match what we initially had in mind, we adapt, overcome the situation and take another amazing picture.

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High quality images were hand picked to provide you with the most unique selection for your needs.  The images selected for the printing gallery were done with the help of our customer’s demands, the more the demand the better the chances of being selected.

In the event that we do not have your image in our gallery but you see it on our portfolio, then please send us an email with the appropriate information to help you get what you want.

We are always eager to help out in every way possible and to ensure we provide the satisfaction you were looking for in an image.


Social media has made a huge impact on us and has helped us grow to facilitate the best product for you.  Instagram in particular had been an inspiration to understand the type of images people are looking for on a daily basis.

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Photography Tips

We get asked this question a lot, what is the best alternative software to Lightroom.  To be honest, it all depends on preference.  Here at Aperture Perception we use Capture One Pro and it has not failed us one bit. 

The other question you may ask, so what about Photoshop then? We have an answer for that too, here at AP we use Affinity Photo and it does resemble Photoshop in so many ways, one of which is Shortcuts for what you are already used in Photoshop.  

We’re just giving you alternate softwares, to find out more about them and what capabilities they have, stay tuned to our Tutorial section where we will be demonstrating how we use both software.

If you’re getting yourself into the  abyss of photography and more specifically into the Landscape and Night Photography realms, then you will definitely need a sturdy tripod.  The heavy duty the better, especially if you are interested in long-exposure shots, such as waterfalls, tracking stars, etc.

If you are just starting into the world of photography then we recommend to begin with Auto Mode and learn how it changes the Shutter Speed, ISO, and Aperture.  Paying close attention at what it changes in relation to the environment (cloudy, sunny, night) will help you better understand how the other methods are used.

If you are somewhat used to using a camera and have done a few shots experimenting in the different modes or if you are the type that likes to learn the hard way, then Manual mode is for you.  It gives you total control on Shutter Speed, ISO, Aperture, and whatever else the camera is equipped with.  The learning curve is very steep but well worth it, you’ll like it so much you will swear you wished they didn’t make cameras with the Auto feature.




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